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January 16, 20200

by funadmin

Food is one of life’s most satisfying pleasures in life. Whether it’s a party, get-together, picnics, or any kind of celebration, food plays an essential role in every occasion. However, one should never forget that the primary purpose of food is to provide fuel to our body and enable both body and mind to function effectively.

Nowadays due to our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits have slowly become a part of our daily life! As a result, this can decrease energy levels, increase lethargy, and result in acidity or also weight gain. But don’t worry! Here are some simple and easy-to-follow tips to follow if you are an officegoer or have a super tight schedule!

Kickstart Your Metabolism with these foods!

Within an hour of waking up kick start your metabolism with a few nuts like almonds, or walnuts. Nuts are a good source of fiber, healthy fats and proteins. A fruit or a glass of coconut water are good options. You can also have a glass of buttermilk here which acts as a good probiotic to aid in digestion by regulating the PH balance.

Never Skip Your Breakfast

Skipping breakfast makes it harder to maintain stable blood sugar levels and the effective functioning of your body and brain during your busy mornings. You can easily grab a hard-boiled egg or a toast with peanut butter to give you the needful proteins and carbs.

Don’t Let Your Body Stay Hungry

One basic trick to winning with nutrition is to prevent yourself from getting too hungry. Eating every 2 hours ensures that your brain gets a regular flow of sugar thereby avoiding fatigue, mood swings, and sluggishness. Have regular mini meals during the day such as nuts, seeds, fruit or even a glass of buttermilk.

Click here for some low-calorie mid-meal snack recipes!

Consider Switching to Green Tea

Caffeine can inhibit your mental performance throughout the day. Consider replacing it with green tea which is loaded with antioxidants that provide a variety of health benefits such as increased metabolism and improved digestive.

Remember To Keep Your Dinner Light

Many of us tend to view dinner as a comfort meal wherein we can afford to indulge since the other meals during the day have been compromises. But this is not the time to indulge but a time to be smart if you want to avoid health problems. Keep your dinner as light as possible. A smart way to eat your dinner would be veggies first, protein second and carbs last. Make sure your dinner is complete at least 2 hours before your bedtime and avoid desserts!

These are a few general healthy eating guidelines, but one size doesn’t fit all. The most important ingredient is your desire to eat right!

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December 10, 20190

by funadmin

Wedding buffets are a treasure trove of delicious food and exotic cuisines. But you need to remember to think with your head, and not with your stomach! Ensure your diet stays on track this wedding season by making these healthy and smart wedding dinner choices!

1) Before the Wedding

Most people tend to starve them before indulging in a heavy meal in the hope of keeping the kilos off. But starving only slows down metabolism and increases your chance of gaining weight! The best thing to do before heading out for a wedding is to snack on something healthy and light. This will help keep you feeling full until you reach the venue and prevent you from stuffing yourself with unhealthy appetizers. Also, eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day and keep your meals light.

2) Go for Grilled!

While those fried wedding starters may be quite delicious and tempting, be aware of their nutritional value before you start bingeing on them!

Foods tend to absorb more fat when they are fried and even lose their nutritional value. Therefore, eating deep-fried and oily foods can obstruct smooth blood flow, lead to an increase in body weight and increase the risk of your arteries getting clogged! Grilling foods, on the other hand, helps the food retain more nutrients and absorb less fat, hence making them a healthier choice!

3) Say YES to Salads!

Salads are one of the healthiest foods available at a wedding, so why not take advantage of them?! Even if you’re not a salad person, ensure you allocate at least 1/3rd of your plate to some fresh fruits and veggies. Since the rest of the food on your plate is bound to have at least some spicy and oily food, salads will help balance acidity levels in the body and save you from that horrible heartburn.

A word of advice; dodge the chaat! While you may argue that chaat does contain raw veggies and just chutneys, the fact remains that chaat items usually have a lot of sugars and spices added into them. Also, most varieties of chaat include either potatoes or maida-based puri which have been deep-fried to give them that crunchy texture.

4) Go for BROWN!

Wheat flour is obtained by simple grinding all three parts of the wheat grain, namely the bran, the germ and the endosperm which contains a good quantity of protein. When wheat flour is further refined to separate the husk and bran, it is known as maida or all-purpose flour. This flour has lesser nutritional value than whole wheat flour as a majority of its nutrients are lost during the refining process!

Dinner rolls, tandoori rotis, romali rotis, and puris; all these yummy-looking foods are made from maida! Opt for brown bread or a small chapatti, because these foods will contain fewer calories and are not as unhealthy as the rest of the options!

5) The Day After Detox

A healthy detox is a great way to clean out your system after all that eating! So start your day off with our detox concoction!

How to prepare:

  • Prepare 1 glass of water
  • Add 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • Add in 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • Mix the ingredients well
  • Consume the drink warm

Now that you know these easy and effective tips, you can enjoy the wedding season without worrying about gaining weight!


November 29, 20190

by funadmin

When you are trying to lose weight, you might try to cut down on junk food, purchase running shoes and enroll yourself in a fitness program. However, you’d be surprised to know that the quality and amount of sleep you get is just as important as your diet and workout plan. The aim of this blog is to help you understand the positive effects of sleeping well and how it can help you lose weight naturally!

1) Keeps Obesity at Bay!

If your quality of sleep is consistently getting compromised, your body will start producing stress hormones known as cortisol. To preserve energy, cortisol prompts your body to store any food it receives, especially fats. Having plenty of sleep can be the difference between struggling to lose fat and reaching your weight loss goals.

2) Reduces Craving for Unhealthy Food

Choosing salad over pizza can take a lot of will power. What ends up making or breaking this resolve is the quality of your sleep. The better you sleep, the more willpower you have. People with a full night’s rest tend to prefer healthier food. However, the same group of people, when sleep-deprived can make unhealthy food choices. This is because the area of their brain that helps them make rational decisions is inhibited.

3) Helps You Stick to Your Goals

Not getting enough sleep may lead to daytime fatigue and make you less motivated to workout. If you do get yourself to exercise, you would notice that are getting tired quickly. A quick fix to this would be to get more sleep. One of the reasons why getting good sleep is linked to reducing weight is because it helps you stay motivated to stick to your fitness goals.

4) Prevents Insulin Resistance
Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for moving sugar from your bloodstream into your cells so that it can be used as energy. Lack of sleep can lead to your cells becoming insulin resistant. When this happens, sugar remains in your bloodstream which causes your body to produce more insulin. This excess of insulin can increase your hunger cravings and sends signals to your body to store more calories. Enough sleep will help prevent this from happening.

5) Burn Away Calories!

You are likely to burn anywhere between 50 to 100 calories an hour when you get a good night’s sleep. In fact, health experts are now learning that a good amount of sleep can lead to a healthy metabolism. On the contrary, lack of sleep can lead to a slower metabolism which could contribute to weight gain.

Getting proper sleep is one of the most under-appreciated factors that contribute to weight loss. Although, you must keep in mind that sleep is not a quick-fix. Like other weight-loss strategies, you must ensure that you receive quality sleep consistently. Only then will you notice the difference in your energy levels which in turn leads to making healthy decisions followed by weight loss.


October 23, 20190

by funadmin

Eating habits and choices that we develop in our childhood can affect our health into adulthood and beyond.  It therefore becomes extremely important for parents to inculcate the right eating behavior in children as this will define their health when they grow up. As stated by James Baldwin, children have never been very good at listening to elders but have never failed to imitate them. So, it is very essential for parents to take charge and create the right environment to choose to make the right choices about food.

Have A Family Dinner Time

Make mealtimes pleasant by involving the entire family. Encourage your child to eat slowly. It takes the brain at least 20 minutes to register that the stomach is full. Also, never eat in a rush in front of your kids. Sit down, set aside a few minutes to nourish yourself and your child will imitate you.

Encourage Frequent Mini-Meals

Give your child frequent mini-meals during the dau, such as a mid-morning snack or pre-dinner snack. Ensure you have healthy snacks at hand. Nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, whole wheat crackers, and veggies chips are great low-calories healthy snacks for your child, as well as you!

Take them grocery shopping

Involve your kids when you go out grocery shopping. Give them the liberty to choose foods that they want but also take this time to educate them about ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods, how to under the labels and read the ingredients, and decide which is the right snack to consume.

Never force them to eat!

Do not force your child to eat a lot if he decides to eat less once in a while. This habit of not overeating will go a long way into adulthood. Adults who sometimes don’t realize and eat even after having a full stomach are 90% of the times the ones who always used to overeat when they were kids.

Don’t Be A Couch Potato!

As adults, many of us offer complain about constant neck pains and backaches. Well this is the result of a wrong sitting and couching posture! Teach your children about the importance of posture and sitting upright. Also, try to not slouch or slump in front of you kids because this will only lead to them mimicking you and might even stick as a habit.

Variety Is the Spice Of Life!

Include a variety of all foods into their diet; ensure their diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits of all kinds, dairy products, cereals, pulses and an occasional treat of their favourite foods.


July 23, 20190

by funadmin

The rains can sure hamper your outdoor workout routine, but that does not mean you need to stop exercising! Here are a few indoor exercises recommended by Health Coach and Fitness Trainer Pooja Bhargava. These exercises are simple and easy to perform, indulge in each of these indoor exercises daily to enjoy amazing weight loss and health benefits!


A simple one we can start with is the plank. This exercise helps strengthen your core, improves balance and helps burn away fat quickly! The plank may be a slightly challenging exercise but one with amazing health and weight loss benefits! It helps strengthen your core, improves flexibility and can help improve your posture naturally.


Squats are an easy and effective way to tone your muscles and burn away body fat quickly! It is a quick exercise that can be performed indoors or outdoors. Squats help strengthen leg muscles, improve mobility & balance and help burn away body fat! Begin your morning exercise routine with a round of 10-15 squats and then finish your routine with another of 10-15 more squats. Repeat this for at least 4-5 weeks to see visible results!


Lunges help improve your stability, improve balance and can help boost your spinal health. They are an effective indoor exercise you can easily perform in your home or even your office! Perform at least 5-6 lunges 2-3 during the day. You can even perform a few during your office break, to give your body a break from all that sitting!


Pilates is a fun & effective way to tone your muscles & shed off those extra kilos! It can help naturally lower blood pressure, ease back pain and promote natural weight loss! Indulge in at least 30 minutes of Pilates exercise 2-3 times a week to enjoy these amazing health benefits!

About Pooja Bhargava

Pooja Bhargava is an ACSM (American Council of Sports Medicine) and IIFA (Indian Institute of Fitness Administration) certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, and Physical Fitness, expert. She has helped numerous people manage their health issues and meet weight loss and health goals.

Click here if you want to book an appointment with Pooja Bhargava!

June 25, 20190

by funadmin

You are trying your best to stick to the diet regime, stick by the portions in all meals, have managed to knock off a few kilos, continuing with the same vigor, and most of the times you do succeed in doing so too. But then there are these weak moments when you tend to slip through.

If you tend to end up overeating in your meals than the prescribed portion, make sure you are not falling prey due to the following facts and if you are, let’s look at fixing it.

The reasons why you overeat are very nuanced and depend on the kind of person you are and the situation you are in. Most of the times, we blame it to our hormones, or some physical stress that’s gets us to falter.

If you tend to end up overeating in your meals than the prescribed portion, make sure you are not falling prey due to the following facts and if you are, let’s look at fixing it.

Fatigue & Tiredness

Attending day-to-day commitments can be an arduous task. Make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Learn to say a ‘No’ to a last-minute assignment at work or to the coffee meet with friends late at night.


Often eating the same food can make mealtimes monotonous and dull. And out of dullness, you don’t realize but   ironically instead of eating just enough, you seem to have overeaten. To avoid his from happening, try to change the recipe and the same food will start looking interesting.


It is very normal to stuff yourself with a lot of food, when you have had a bad day at work or an unpleasant situation. Food is often looked at as a comforter, which is quite a wrong do. Instead of engaging in an unhealthy eating ways, try something more therapeutic than food like talking to a pal, venting out the frustration by writing or even speaking it out to yourself opposite a mirror.

Peer pressure

At times; we eat less in a group of people. This pressure of eating less can come from friends or colleagues unintentionally. Eating less than required at one time will drop the sugar level drastically and force the body to eat more at other times. Remember, you are not answerable to anyone but yourself. You are doing this for yourself and not to prove to anyone. No one is and should have the right to keep a tab on you. Eat well at all meals and your body won’t ask for senseless eating.

Call to mind or reminisce that overeating might make you feel better at first, but it’s only going to lead to a bunch of health problems, not to mention, a heaping side of guilt and self-loathing and a downhill to the journey of weight loss. Once you have identified your triggers as to why you tend to overeat, act instinctively and break this habit.

June 18, 20190

by funadmin

The monsoon brings with it joy and the promise of hope, but unfortunately it also brings along a plethora of monsoon-related health problems such as diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid and many more.

Eat – Fresh Fruits

It is very important to ensure you load up on fresh fruits such as apples, bananas, papaya, etc. during the monsoon. They will not only help provide your body with a high dose of vitamins but also boost immunity and keep your skin clear and blemish-free!

Avoid – Fried Foods

Try and avoid fried and oily foods as they are devoid of nutrition and may only cause you additional health problems during the monsoon.

 Eat – Hot Soup

Drinking hot soups will not only help keep you warm during the monsoon, but will also help boost immunity, and prevent you from catching the flu!

Avoid – Dairy Products

It is advisable to avoid dairy products and fermented products during this season, as they can spoil easily and can cause a string of health problems!

June 12, 20190

by funadmin

Monsoons bring with them hope, happiness and joy. However, due to the cold climate and untimely rains, children especially can become more prone to sicknesses and disease such as flu, sore throat, thyphoid etc. But don’t you worry! Here is some expert recommended health advice by health coach and fitness trainer Pooja Bhargava, to keep your children safe this monsoon!

Give your kids boiled water

It is essential that you give your children boiled or purified water to drink. The monsoon rain can act as a carrier of germs and diseases, which can make you, as well as your children very sick. Ensure that you keep boiled or purified water readily available in your house. Also, try and wash your vegetables and fruits with boiled water as well to avoid infections.

Load up on vitamins

Coloured fruits and vegetables are your shield against infectious diseases, and health disorders. Add a load of coloured veggies and fruits, such as capsicum, eggplant, pumpkin etc. to your child’s diet. These foods are loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins which will help boost immunity, help them grow strong and of course keep unwanted sicknesses at bay.

Super soups!

Soups are one of the best foods to have during the rains. While most of us usually crave chaat, bhajis and fried food during the monsoon, the best food to have are hot, yummy and healthy soups. All you need to do is boil some vegetables, add in some spices and serve it up hot! It is an easy and healthy food option to enjoy during the monsoon.

Make them play indoors

Children love playing in the rain. But while splashing around in those dirty puddles may be a whole lot of fun for them it can be very harmful to their health. Stagnant rainwater can become the breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitos and other insects. Therefore, it is better to prevent children from playing outdoors especially when it is raining. You can keep some board games handy to help keep you kids entertained during the evening time.

Simply follow these monsoon healthcare tips, and your kids and you will have a healthy and joyous monsoon!


Want to keep your child safe from health disorders and sickness? Well, then an immunity boosting health plan is just what you need. Call 9619940698 or visit to book an appointment with Health Coach & Fitness Trainer Pooja Bhargava today!

May 20, 20190

by funadmin

Sun, sand and…acne breakouts!? Don’t let the harsh sun ruin your skin and spoil your summer fun. Here are 5 simple tips to take care of your skin this summer!

Binge On This!

Add fruits such as papaya, muskmelon, watermelon, grapes and, berries, to your daily diet. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals which will boost skin health and keep you feeling energized throughout the day. You can eat them in the form of fruit salads, juices them up or even refreshing fruit-infused waters.

Be A Water Baby

Water keeps your body well-hydrated.It helps the organs to function properly and flush out toxins and waste from your body. This, in turn, keeps your system clean and your skin clear! Plus, it’s the original ‘zero-calorie’ drink. So go ahead and load up on this magic elixir to enjoy acne-free skin and natural weight loss!

Eat right

Summers are incomplete without several trips to the ice cream parlour or the beach to treat yourself to some spicy Pav Bhajji and chilled falooda. However, eating oily, fried, and sugary foods can lead to acidity, bloating and accelerated acne breakouts, especially during the summer. So try and be a little aware of what you eat to avoid unwelcome skin problems!

Detox Time

The modification in weather and temperatures can cause a lot of heat and disorder inside your body. But turning to ice cold water and ice cream to cool you down will definitely not help! What the body really needs is a good cleanse. Detox your body with a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice daily to keep you cool, inside-out!

Keep It Clean!

Ensure you wash your face at least 2-3 times a daily to get rid of all that oil and dirt. Use a mild face wash on your skin or choose for some natural homemade scrubs such as cinnamon + lime or perhaps a fresh fruit face pack!

Now that you know how to take care of your skin, all you need to do is follow these skin care tips daily and you will surely have a fun and ‘skin problem-free’ summer!

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