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Corporate Nutrition Consultant | corporate wellness programs - Fun4fitness

Striking the right balance between one’s lifestyle and diet is not only necessary but essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. But in today’s world of traffic jams and deadlines who has the time to look after their health?

Often due to our hectic lifestyles and work schedules, health tends to take a backseat. Realizing this we have formulated the corporate health program. By creating a healthy working environment through minor changes, we can help employees improve their overall health and realize their health goals better.

Benefits of the F.U.N Corporate Program

  • More productivity at work
  • Enhanced health goals
  • A better understanding of nutritional needs
  • A better understanding of your body
  • Strengthens the organization
  • Improved ability to meet deadlines
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Team building

How the F.U.N Corporate Program works

F.U.N’s corporate program aims towards helping companies improve the health status of their employees and enabling them to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. The corporate workshop aims at doing so by providing the following activities:

  • Increasing Productivity

–    Stress Management

–    Weight Management

  • Diet & Nutrition Tour

–    Assessing current health status of Individuals

–    Counseling

–    Nutrition Advice

  • In-House Consultation

–    In-house Helpdesk

–    Cafeteria Meal Planning

Increasing Productivity

Healthy people are more productive people! We offer the following programs which help increase productivity at work.

Stress Management (Duration 30-45 minutes)

Stress has become a part of our daily life. Meeting deadlines, managing family responsibilities or even simply commuting back and forth to work, all these activities can cause us unwanted stress. High levels of stress can lead to health issues such as high blood pressure, anxiety issues etc. In this workshop we will focus on the following topics:

  • Causes of stress
  • Effects & impact of stress on the human body
  • How nutrition helps tackle stress
  • List of foods that help one de-stress

Therefore, by teaching you to follow the right kind of diet we can teach you to manage stress better and stay free from its ill effects.


It is essential to know the areas where one is lacking and where one requires assistance. After assessing the health status of an individual we have a clearer idea regarding where they are lacking and where they require our guidance. In our counseling session, we seek to get a deeper understanding of an individual’s lifestyle and try to understand how factors such as stress, work pressure etc. are affecting the individual’s health.

Weight Management (Duration 30-45 minutes)

Weight gain is something almost all of us struggles with at some point in time in our life. Our busy lifestyles and long working hours often leave us with a little or no time at all to dedicate to exercise or healthy eating.

This, in turn, can lead to weight gain, and also increases your susceptibility to health disorders such as cholesterol, obesity, and PCOS. The weight management program will focus on the following:

  • How to strike a balance between lifestyle & diet
  • How to follow a healthy diet
  • Daily weight loss & diet tips

This program will arm you with the optimum knowledge to help you lose weight naturally and stay free from weight-related health problems.

Diet & Nutrition Tour (2 ½ hour)

The diet and nutrition tour focuses on the basics of nutrition and how you can use nutrition to improve overall health and achieve weight loss goals. This tour focuses on the following areas.

Assessing an Individual’s Current Health Status

Being aware of your current health status is the first and most important step you can take towards improving your health. In this workshop we assess the current health status of an individual based on their lifestyle, eating habits and current health problems. Then based on this information we can suggest a way forward and tell them how they can improve their health.

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Yes, we not only assist in improving your employee’s health but also help increase their work productivity. By investing in your employee’s health, you will surely reap the benefits of their loyalty, trust, and gratitude. So gift your employees the gift of good health, only with the F.U.N Corporate Health Plan!

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Nutrition Advice

After analyzing an individual’s current health status, we can then formulate a personalized diet plan for them. This diet plan is a wholesome one which aims at helping one achieve their weight loss and health goals. We provide nutritional advice in the following areas:

  • How to plan a daily balanced diet
  • How to eat healthy while traveling
  • How to stay healthy with your busy lifestyle
  • How to include the necessary supplements into your diet


In-house Consultation

Ever wondered what would be the best dinner option for you? Ever pondered upon whether a cup of tea or coffee would help soothe your flu symptoms? We all need help at some time or the other, but often we do not know whom to reach out.

In-house Helpdesk

We will set up a help desk within the premise of the office so that whenever an employee wants to reach out to us regarding any health queries, we will always be nearby and ready to help! This, in turn, can help them make smarter health choices in the areas of their diet and lifestyle.

Cafeteria Meal Planning

When everyone is serving up junk food in office cafeterias, plan out a healthy cafeteria meal plan for employees and show them that you are concerned about their health. A well-balanced diet will help them stay healthy, fit and more productive!

Right from a wholesome breakfast to low-fat snack options and nutritious dinner meals, we will help you plan out a full-fledged daily meal plan for your employees. We will even teach the cafeteria staff some helpful healthy cooking guidelines.

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