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Meet Pooja Bhargava - Fun4fitness

Meet Pooja Bhargava

“Remember, health is nothing but your state of mind & what you perceive yourself to be!”

Pooja Bhargava is an ACSM (American Council of Sports Medicine) and IIFA (Indian Institute of Fitness Administration) certified Personal Trainer, Physical Fitness expert, and Nutrition Consultant. She is also the Founder and CEO at ‘Fitness, U and Nutrition’ which was founded in the year of 2008.

Pooja’s Story

After gaining an astonishing 37 kgs after my second pregnancy, I tried all possible ways to lose weight. I experimented with fad diets, GM diet, and even the Atkins diet to name a few. While I did manage to lose 15 kgs, I soon hit a plateau and my weight would just not go down!

To understand the subject of weight loss, nutrition and the anatomy of the human body further I took up a course in fitness. I passed my IIFA with distinction and was soon absorbed as a trainer.

Armed with a degree in fitness administration, weight management, personal training & sports nutrition, I now provide health counseling and offer up health and weight loss plans for both men and women, sports players, pre-teens, and pregnant mothers.

I started ‘F.U.N by Pooja Bhargava’ with the intention of helping those who have given up on weight loss goals & their health. Every person who comes to me is different and has unique dietary needs and that’s is that is the most exciting challenge for me!

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