Best Diet for PCOS Weight Loss - Fun4fitness

Best Diet for PCOS Weight Loss - Fun4fitness

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder which affects millions of women across the globe. It is characterized by the development of cysts on the ovaries which in turn can result in health issues such as, prolonged or absent menstruation, skin rashes, difficulty to conceive etc. While the cause of PCOS is not clearly known, PCOS can be effectively managed by resorting to the right diet and making a few simple lifestyle changes.

The F.U.N Approach to PCOD/PCOS

PCOS can lead to several health issues such as inflammation, skin rashes, weight gain etc. However, following the right kind of diet can help balance these fluctuating hormones and help reduce PCOS symptoms.

At F.U.N by Pooja Bhargava we analyze your PCOS symptoms and then formulate a personalized diet which caters to your health and medical needs. While there is no known cure for PCOS, by including the right kind of food into your daily diet we can help reduce the symptoms and help you lose weight naturally!

Diet Tips for PCOD/PCOS

PCOS can be effectively managed by making some simple diet and lifestyle changes. Follow these dietary tips if you suffer from PCOS.

  • Consume a handful of coriander seeds daily upon waking up.
  • Load up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds
  • Eat foods which are rich in selenium (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

Myth – I cannot lose weight because I have PCOS

Truth – It is true that PCOS can lead to unexplainable weight gain. However, resorting to the right kind of diet can help normalize your unbalanced hormones and help you lose weight, even if you have PCOS.

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