Real Stories - Fun4fitness

Real Stories - Fun4fitness

“I Lost 4 Kilos In Just 1 Month!” – Anshu Bhargava

“Pooja Will Give You A Healthy Food Option for Any Craving!”- Vasundra Jaswal

“Pooja always finds a way to make my diet interesting!” – Rasika Dugal

“My Health Journey Was Completely Uphill, Thanks To Pooja!” – Sabah

“I have seen great results by simply following Pooja’s diet plan” – Leena Advani

“I Lost 12½ Kilos Post-Pregnancy by Simply Eating Healthy!”

“I lost 6 kilos in just 2 months!”

“I Gained Freedom from Medication with A Healthy Diet”

“I lost 14 kilos in just 2 ½ months!”

“Pooja’s Diet Helped Me Overcome My Pregnancy Health Problems!”

“My Understanding of Weight Loss Has Completely Changed!”

“This Diet Helped Me Lose Weight & Improve My Skin Health!”

“How To Manage Diabetes Through A Healthy Diet!

“Treat Acidity Problems Through A Wholesome Diet!”

Lose weight, not your mind!

“Gain Freedom from Diabetes with the Right Diet!”

“I lost 8 kilos in just 75 days!”

“My diet was very well-balanced & there was a lot to eat!”

“I have several cheat days, but still lose weight!”

“I Lost 8 Kilos Post-Pregnancy By Simply Following Pooja’s Diet!”

“I Lost 10 kilos In Just 2 Just Months!”

“I Feel More Confident About Myself!”

“I Have Lost 5 Kilos, Which Is A Fabulous Achievement For Me!”

“Pooja’s Diet Really Helped Me When I Was Undergoing Chemotherapy”

“Success Story of Ankur Bhargava who lost 10 kgs, during the lockdown!”

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