Thyroid Diet Plan | Best Diet Plan For Hypothyroidism - Fun4fitness

Thyroid Diet Plan | Best Diet Plan For Hypothyroidism - Fun4fitness

Thyroid is a serious health disorder which affects every 1 in 10 people.  An inability to lose weight, brittle nails & hair, constant fatigue, and a feeling of irritability are a few common symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland.

Thyroid is a hereditary disorder. This means if a family member suffers from thyroid, it is likely you may suffer from it as well. However, there are a number of factors such as chronic stress, an unhealthy diet or a inactive lifestyle, that can also contribute to the onset of this health disorder. These factors can lead to a build-up of high cortisol levels and decreased levels of thyroxine hormone or sex hormones production, which can affect the normal functioning of the body.

The F.U.N Approach to Thyroid

At F.U.N by Pooja Bhargava, we do not only help treat your thyroid problem but also help you manage its symptoms!

We formulate a personalized health plan and a tasty diet plan for you, to cater to your specific health requirements. Our diet plans help you consume the right amount of calcium, selenium, and vitamin B complex through tasty and nutritious meals. We also recommend consuming a diet high in psyllium husk and fiber, to help detoxify your system, promote gut health and aid weight loss.

Thyroid Management Tips

If left untreated, thyroid can lead to serious health problems for an individual, such as weight gain, heart problems, insomnia etc. However, with the right kind of diet and simple lifestyle changes, thyroid can be managed. Here are simple tips you can follow to manage thyroid better.

  • Minimize your use of PUFA oils (sunflower, soybean & vegetable oils)
  • Switch to virgin coconut oils
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Consume more fruits & veggies
  • Drink a glass of boiled Coriander seeds every morning

Myth – You cannot eat cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc.) if you have thyroid.

Truth – You can consume cruciferous vegetables if you suffer from thyroid. However, try to eat them in a boiled, steamed or a poached form.

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