Weight Loss & Diet Plans Tips Programs | Weight Loss clinic in khar, Mumbai - Fun4fitness

Weight Loss & Diet Plans Tips Programs | Weight Loss clinic in khar, Mumbai - Fun4fitness

The very thought of weight loss scares most people because they associate dieting with starvation. Well, today most of the diets teach people to give up on important nutritional components such as fats or carbs. While these diets do offer up quick weight loss results, they are also known to have harmful effects on the human body.

The human body is a complex piece of machinery which requires all the nutritional components, such as carbs, fats, etc. to function properly. That is why at F.U.N by Pooja Bhargava we follow an ‘eat everything’ approach! Our diet plans are healthy, wholesome and tasty. They not only help you lose weight but also improve your overall health.

The F.U.N Approach to Weight Loss

At F.U.N by Pooja Bhargava, each weight loss plan is customized and personalized. Each plan is designed keeping in mind your specific health and medical requirements and aimed at helping you achieve your weight loss goals and obtaining optimum health. Our meal plans are not only wholesome and nutritious but also tasty! we also recommend simple lifestyle modifications and exercise to help keep you in the best of health.

Weight Loss Diet Tips

You don’t need to starve yourself or resort to medications to lose weight. By simply making a few necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can lose weight naturally. Here are some simple, yet effective weight loss diet tips.

  • Eat 6-7 mini meals daily
  • Load up on fibrous foods
  • Make sure you follow a balanced diet
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day
  • Cut down on junk food

Myth – To lose weight I need to eat very less

Truth – Your body needs adequate fuel to function, hence eating less will only slow down your metabolism.  What you really need to do is eat in moderation but make sure you don’t give up on any essential nutrients in the bargain.

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